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Black Seaweed Peel Off

Our chopped black Laver Seaweed (from the Welsh seaside) and crushed Sea Buckthorn berries are pressed together to make our Black Seaweed Peel Off mask. A seaside detox to cleanse deeply and peel off dirt and grease weekly.

Skin Benefits - Peel Off

Peel Off masks are gentler and more effective than scrubs whilst leaving skin incredibly purified and smooth. You’ll be amazed at how many dead skin cells show up on the mask after use. So why not jazz up your weekly scrub routine and use a peel off instead!

10ml 0.3 fl oz

Your Skin Experience

Reveal Our Top Tips
Splash face with lukewarm tap water to open pores and gently pat dry
Apply the light cooling gel evenly, avoiding the hairline and delicate eye area. Extend to below the jawline, leaving a little excess product along this area
Take it easy! 20 minutes to yourself
After 20 minutes or until the mask has dried completely, gently start working along the jar line, teasing up the dried mask and then gently peel upwards.
Rinse with water and pat dry
Feel Fresh!

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Blogger Review

"Its really easy to peel it off and it leaves your skin feeling really clean and soft"
"I absolutely love this one and will definitely be picking up more"
"This mask is great for a simple weekly detox and to cleanse deeply"
"Luxurious, mineral-infused skin treatment lifts away grease to leave skin clear, healthy and glowing"

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