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13 July 2017 • Rachel Havard

Post Festival Skin Care Recovery

Festival goers, midnight ravers and party animals unite… You’ve had the time of your life at your long-awaited festival, you danced the night away, saw your favorite bands, camped under the stars but for now… it’s over (until next year). Your skin care hasn’t been your top priority, and all you can think of now is having the most luxurious bath or shower of your life! Well, look no further… Discover our post-festival skin care highlights, that’ll invigorate and refresh pores for the ultimate skin cleanse!

Detox and Deep Cleanse

Your skin care has taken a back seat and the trusty make-up wipe has been your skin’s savior (just about). It’s served its purpose, but it’s safe to say your skin is in need of a deep-cleansing treatment. Alas! After cleansing and removing make-up, we recommend applying our award winning Charcoal Masque. This deep-cleansing clay mask will help to absorb and remove skin impurities in no time, while the Walnut shell will help to gently buff away any uneven skin texture.

Want to take your skin care up a notch? Try out our blackhead-eliminating Charcoal Pore Strips, either before applying your mask, or after your mask has been washed off. Perfect for travel and available in a pack of three – share with friends, or stash away for next time.

(photos: @lady_aleksandrs_, @thisisornella)

Peel and Reveal!

Get fun with your skin care and apply a Peel Off mask to grab post-festival grime like no other… Opt for a purifying treatment like our Black Seaweed Peel Off mask, enriched with a concoction of Sea Salt, Lava Seaweed and Sea Buckthorn, to help your skin look and feel fantastic!

(photo: @mikhilamcdaid)


Treat the feet!

Unpredictable weather can make the good ol’ fashion rubber boot the ultimate festival fashion attire… (along with the ever so chic waterproof poncho.) We must admit, they are practical, but to transform feet back to their original state post-festival, we recommend our Soften Sock Masques from our paraben-free Spa Range. After your much-needed shower, simply pop onto dry feet, massage gently and relax while they get to work!

So… Next time you’re planning to attend any festival, make sure to stock up your beauty cupboard so that you’re ready for the ultimate pamper sesh when you return home. Happy pampering!