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1 June 2017 • Rachel Havard

Holiday Ready Skin Care Routine

Ahh, the warm Summer days are almost here which also means many of our Summer holidays are fast approaching! Woohoo! As we prepare to jet off to warmer climates, our skin care can start to alter and our skin needs begin to shift. Whether you need to add hydration back into the skin from a long-haul flight, refresh and soothe after a day in the sun, or remove excess oils and minimize pores with a hard drying clay mask – continue reading and discover the top skin care picks you need for your holiday ready skin care routine.

when it comes to skin care; our 7th Heaven travel friendly sachets are your BEST friend!

I don’t know about you, but often when packing any toiletries for a trip it’s easy to get carried away – before you know it, you’re struggling to close the zip and it’s suddenly super heavy. …Not any more! Pack key essentials – we’re talking shower gel, shampoo, sun care, toothpaste and when it comes to skin care: our 7th Heaven travel friendly sachets are your BEST friend!

On flight skin care

When traveling on long-haul flights of more than six hours, your skin can start to feel drier and tighter due to air conditioning. Towards the middle of the journey you may want to wake up and refresh the skin.

Go make-up free for your journey and allow skin to breathe… Boost skin hydration and pop our easy to use Tea Tree Sheet Masque or Dead Sea Sheet Masque into your carry-on luggage. Sit back, relax…and try not to terrify your neighbor!

After a day in the sun

You have arrived, the sun is beaming and you’re feeling fantastic. But remember it’s super important to stay hydrated pool-side (in between cocktails, of course!) and protect skin with SPF.

However, if skin is feeling dry and dehydrated after a day in the sun, we recommend applying our Creamy Coconut mask – a hydrating mud with skin quenching Coconut Water and Shea Nuts.

it smelled amazing but also left my skin feeling super hydrated and smooth in under 10 minutes! This product would be great for people with dry or mature skin that need that extra hydration and boost. I loved it. –

Say goodbye to excess oils

A day in the heat can enlarge pores, and skin can become congested from the sun protection reapplied throughout the day. Recommended especially for you gals with Oily skin, our Peel Off mask range helps to remove excess oils, cleanse and peel away dead skin cells. Why not try our Dead Sea Peel Off, the Chamomile within this mask also helps to soothe skin and the minerals within Dead Sea Salt will help to retain skin moisture. (Pro Tip: Remember to steer clear away from eyebrows and the delicate area under the eye when applying!)

As for the #deadsea peel-off mask, it made my skin feel so refreshed and clean, I will also be buying this face mask in the future. – @leighamkskincare

 Not forgetting feet!

Smooth feet are a holiday essential, especially if you want to show off your latest pedi in your new sandals. Sun, sand and chlorine throughout the day can dry out skin, causing feet to become rough. Why not add our nourishing Foot Soak/Foot Lotion foot treatment to your holiday check list – this duo chambered sachet will deep-cleanse, deeply moisturize and transform your feet!