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1 June 2017 • Rachel Havard

Dead Sea Mud Pac Celebrates 20 Years!

Yes, that’s right – our classic Dead Sea Mud Pac is turning 20 years young and is still one of our number one selling face masks internationally today in 2017! Flashback to 1997 – our Dead Sea Mud Pac was born and was marked as an essential for any sleep over with your friends and the ultimate skin treat. Psst! Continue reading and discover how you can WIN a throwback pamper pack.

As the brand has grown, so have the spectrum of masks, now spanning Muds, Peel-Offs, Self-Heating, Exfoliating, Foot, SPA… the lot! Do you recognize our iconic packaging from back in the day?

This unique formulation features a combination of Dead Sea Salt, Seaweed and Lavender within a Kaolin clay base. Ideal for combination and oily skin types, the Kaolin clay helps to absorb excess oils and impurities but in fact remains as one of the more gentle clays. Skin will feel ultra-cleansed, and appear glowing and fresh! Complete your skin care ritual with your fave moisturizer and you’re good to go…

My skin is softer, my pores are smaller, and there’s no more oil or dryness. But my favorite part about this is it is super affordable! – @barebeautymovement

Did you know?

Dead Sea Salt contains a variety of naturally-sourced minerals to keep you healthy and your skin super radiant. From Calcium to prevent water retention, Magnesium to calm the nervous system, Potassium to balance skin’s moisture levels and Sodium to help skin cells expel impurities and retain nutrients. Phew! What an ingredient!

These Montagne Jeunesse face masks are my all time favorite face masks. They help to clean everything off the face. – @lucysmakeupworld

Above (left to right): @travelistafashionista @amys_adventures @eli_daila @ianaislaila

Our Dead Sea Mud Pac is a hit among many, and is selfie approved too. We love our community of face mask fanatics who can’t resist a good pamper! Want to be featured? Make sure you include the hashtag #My7thHeaven with your face mask or product snap.

Psst! Our Dead Sea Mud Pac is available at Kroger, Kmart, Harmon Face Values, H-E-B, and Neoteric Cosmetics.

Giveaway time!

We have the ultimate 90’s throwback pamper pack, totally dedicated to our one and only Dead Sea Mud mask… For details on your chance to WIN, check our Facebook page for our anniversary Dead Sea Mud Pac post!