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13 February 2017 •

5 Ways to Treat Yourself on Singles Awareness Day!

It may have been Valentine’s Day yesterday, the day of love on February 14th… but February 15th sparks another day of celebration. It is in fact Singles Awareness Day. Yes, that’s right, those without an ‘other half” deserve their own day to celebrate and feel appreciated (whether that’s with a tub of ice cream and a Netflix marathon) there’s no judgement here! Continue to discover 5 ways to treat yourself on this special day, without the fuss of a boyfriend or girlfriend.


Enjoy a peaceful bath

Why not take the opportunity to enjoy a long, peaceful bath or shower? Amp up the relaxation with your favorite bath products and add a face mask from the 7th Heaven to give your skin a treat. Crank on your favorite music playlist and zen out… Yes, you can take as long as you like without any disruptions. Lucky you!


Watch a film without the fuss

Having trouble deciding on what film to watch because you’re not a fan of Action, and he’s not fond of a Rom-Com? Not you! Ah, the wonders of being single means you have the power to decide on what you want to watch. As easy as that, you can watch a marathon of Gossip Girl if you so please. Bliss!


Single friends unite!

If you feel like socializing, get your girl gang together and hit the town. Avoid the bustling restaurants and perhaps opt for a sophisticated cocktail lounge where you can gossip and dance the night away. Or, if the nightlife isn’t your scene, perhaps invite your single guys and gals together for your own at home cocktail session?

Strawberry Cocktail Recipes –

Mocktail Recipes –



Of course it’s important to maintain a balanced diet, but once in a while (today), why not go for it and indulge! Yes, we’re talking your favorite chocolate dessert, pizza or pasta dish. Salivating yet? Gather your friends together and get cooking! Or… opt for the lazy, perfectly fine option and order in your favorites? Why not indulge skin too with our rich, skin-loving Chocolate Mud face mask or if you prefer more hydration, our Strawberry Souffle face mask is the perfect option.


Freshen up your mani

Chipped, blunt nails just won’t cut it… Freshen up your manicure with a fresh slick of nail polish to make you look and feel fabulous! Voila!