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29 March 2016 • Rachel Havard

Lazy Sundays

They don’t call them “lazy Sundays” for nothing. Sundays are the perfect day to relax, chill, and treat yourself like a queen so you can sail into Monday with a little more ease. If you find yourself feeling guilty, remember you work all week! You should get one day to relax. Here are some ideas for a pampering Sunday.

  1. Meditate

    Meditating is truly good for the soul. It calms the mind, refocuses your brain, and improves your intuition.

  2. Face Mask

    No lazy Sunday is complete without a face mask. Lying around with a mask is the ultimate in relaxation. There are mud masks, clay masks, peel-off masks, anti-aging masks; whatever your little heart desires.

  3. Brunch with friends

    Remember how much fun Carrie had with her friends on Sex and the City while they were at brunch? It’s a chance to dish about the week before, reconnect with your gals, and enjoy a long leisurely few hours filled with mimosas and gossip.

  4. Binge On Netflix

    Watch your favourite box set on Netflix, curl up on the sofa and do absolutely nothing.

  5. Go to a Yoga Class

    Yoga is paradoxical in the fact that it is both a workout and it is relaxing. Even if you don’t consider yourself a yogi. Try a beginner class if you’re a newbie and sink into bliss.

  6. Read a book

    It’s hard to have time to soak up a good book. There are things to do, people to take care of, bills to pay, and work to be done. Use your Sunday me-time to enjoy a delicious book. Spend an hour or three in a good page-turner!