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29 March 2016 • Rachel Havard

Getting Ready for a Good Night Out

Believe it or not, women actually spend more time getting ready to go out with the girls than they do getting ready for a hot date. Forty minutes to go out on a date versus an hour and three minutes for time with the ladies. Too right!

The poll organized by the Telegraph newspaper also found that when it comes to dates with partners, women are more likely to go casual. However the real fun comes into play when planning a girls’ night out, especially if getting ready together comes into play. No doubt we’re all got some good memories, going over to each other’s house, playing music, exchanging beauty tips, applying facemasks and sharing lip gloss.

The poll also found the average woman will spend up to eight hours and 19 mins shopping online, emailing pals, researching venues and planning what to wear in the run up to a girl’s night out. Now that’s what we call multi-tasking and having fun at the same time!