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Beauty treats lovingly made by our herbalists using the most luscious natural ingredients from around the world. With so much natural choice, there’s one to delight your skin and senses each time you treat yourself.

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Face Masks

Mud, peels, fabric &

sauna masks, for that

skin experience

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Foot Treats

For the ultimate foot

pampering experience

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Mask category winner- The Peel Off range
Best Mask winner – Brazilian Clay fabric mask
Try the Cucumber Peel Off for a revitalising lift, the Chocolate Mud for a creamy moisturising treat or the Dead Sea Mud for deep cleansing
You'll feel like you're on vacation in a tropical paradise while using this hydrating formula, which harnesses coconut water and shea butter to hydrate and smooth skin.
Beauty Editor Diane- My skin positively glowed and it felt SO soft. Brilliant results!
A quick and easy solution to unclogging your backed up pores.