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Chocolate Masque
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Chocolate Masque

Order number: YL-7CHOCOLATE-A1

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Guilt free dark Belgian chocolate! We’ve blended creamed Cocoa Butter & crushed Cocoa Beans with ultra-moisturising Shea Butter to leave skin silky soft & deeply cleansed. Mouth-watering, but please don’t eat!

FREE DELIVERY for orders over £15.00 (Standard delivery £1.00)

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Customer Reviews

  • A Blow | 15/03/2015

    Smells lovely, like chocolate mousse, and left my combination skin moisturised and oil-free.

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  • T Naughton | 06/09/2014

    I've got a feeling this one would be ideal for the cold months as it's so warming and even though I'm not a chocoholic the smell is overwhelmingly seductive and the effect is pampering. I left it on longer that usual as I loved the aroma so much and once I rinsed it off there was a tightening of the open pore and a glimmering feel to my new smooth skin. This would be an ideal present for anyone you want to treat with luxury and the effects are amazing.

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  • C Clifton | 12/06/2014

    Absolutely amazing! It smells fantastic and left my face feeling smooth and clean. Even after rinsing it off, my face smells great! I would definitely buy this product again.

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  • L Spencer | 05/10/2012

    A chocoholics dream! So temptingly divine, with a heavenly chocolately fragrance and rich constistency. As with all Montagne Jeunesse products this scores highly.

    It is a luxurious face mask and always leaves my skin velvety soft, with a clean fresh sensation. Its also good value for money as a little goes a long way, as one pack can be used twice. Love it!

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  • J Robertshaw | 08/05/2012

    very relaxing and made my skin feel soft and fresh, was non cloggy and felt light on my face, was easy to apply and wash off, was not my favourite of smells but still quite pleasent. my skin still feels just as soft and its been 3 days since i last used it,

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  • R Clarke | 24/09/2011

    Very easy to apply with fingers, or a mask brush. It has such a creamy texture that it just glides onto the face, and it's not too thick either, your face doesn't feel suffocated!
    Skin feels and looks really good, it's touchably smooth and it has brightened up my complexion.
    & because of its moisturising properties it's evened out the fine lines i have arouned my eyes and on my forehead.
    Would recommend this to anyone!
    It also smells brilliant!

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  • W Lovely | 24/07/2011

    Oh my goodness this was the first mask ever to get me hooked! When I first opened it the heavenly fragrance of chocolate just wasped in the room! I actually licked little bit of the chocolate and boy it tasted good! Of course I wont do it again...or not! XD

    But seriously if you had a bad day, just slather on this mask and relax omg this is my new magic potion! Superb!

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  • S Knowles | 19/07/2011

    Fantastic, this is one of my favourites although its hard to resist the temptation of licking it off...

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  • J Lang | 16/07/2011

    Felt so good on my face and when I took it off,my skin felt really amazing and refreshed afterwards.Would definitely buy this product again and again and I would definitely recommend it to my friends!It smells devine too so thats a major bonus !Love this mud masque so so much!

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  • B Pellet | 11/07/2011

    It's a sachet about the size of my hand. It's easy to rip open so that you can get enough of the mask out without it going everywhere. I can't make up my mind if I like the package design or not - on one hand, it's nice to see something a bit different to the generic pretty girl, big blue eyes, smiling, thin layer of face mask on face, but on the other hand, nobody's going to lie there with the entire mask caked on their face and chocolate slabs over their eyes to boot. However, it does give Montagne Jeunesse a very distinct image that is common to all of their products and makes it stand out on the shelf - which I guess is what you're looking for if you're a marketing executive.

    Simply rip open the sachet (with fingers or scissors), squeeze out some of the mask onto your fingers, and apply to face. Leave to dry for 10-15 mins and then wash off with a flannel.

    The mask looks thick and creamy from the outset even before application to the face. You can then apply a layer that's as thin or as thick as you like. The colour of the mask is strong and doesn't betray the image on the sachet.

    Creamy and soft both on your fingers and on your face. Feels firm rather than runny so it's very easy to apply.

    Other mud masques I've used tend to smell of exactly that: mud. But oh my goodness, this actually does smell like Nutella. As a chocoholic I was in complete heaven with this.

    --How does your skin feel afterwards?--
    Really smooth and sort of 'finished' and refined. You smell of chocolate for a while afterwards as well. However, I wouldn't say your skin feels any better if you apply a really thick layer.

    10-15 minutes' drying time is perfect if you only apply a thin layer. However, if you want a thicker layer and thus a more luxurious experience, half an hour's drying time might be more appropriate.

    --Product life--
    My boyfriend opened the packet, made one application, and then left it open. Exactly a week later, he used some again and it was still in absolutely perfect condition, despite having been left open. It didn't go dry or sticky or was just sheer perfection.

    --Value for money--
    Montagne Jeunesse is a low-budget range, but you get an excellent product that makes your skin feel smooth, toned and refined. You get an even better bargain if you buy from during one of their offer periods. Other places, such as Amphora Aromatics online store, and Boots, also sell the products, but only the official site has the full range and only they do the lucky dips which enable you to save money.) Not only this, you get more than one application per sachet. My boyfriend applied the mask twice in a very thin layer, I applied it once in quite a thick layer, and there's still some left in the sachet, so I'd say you're getting a minimum of 3 or 4 applications PER SACHET. Bargain.

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  • Y Butt | 11/07/2011

    Truly a masque with a difference. If you are a sensual soul you will love the aromatic qualities of this mask.

    Its a generous sachet full of creamy chocolate mask and in my opinion easily enough for two applications if you carefully store the remainder

    I would suggest you take the phone off the hook when you apply this one or put a great big DO NOT DISTURB sign up.

    Chocolate decadence shouldn't be rushed. Your skin which will be hydrated, cleansed and smoothed and your soul, will thank you for it, fifteen minutes later!

    I loved it. As a self confessed chocoholic and a fan of proper self care, this masque could have been invented for me. In fact, I think it was? I'm giving it 4 strawberries as personally I'd like the chocolate to smell stronger, but I enjoy my extremes!

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  • C Maroodza | 10/07/2011

    I usually get their Chocolate Masque since it's meant to be for combo/oily skin and it just smells good! There is enough in each packet for about 2-3 masks depending on how thick you apply it. (Just make sure to clip it tightly shut with a peg/clip to prevent it from drying out). The mask dries fairly quickly and it tightens as it dries. My skin feels sooo much softer and looks slightly brighter after using this. It cleans my pores pretty well too. I always avoid the eye area though since I feel the mask can be too drying for that area. Chocolate mask: lovely, good for oily skin, my face felt really clean afterwards, smells divine, didnt break me out. will buy again. I think these masks are the greatest things ever. They are dirt cheap, actually work and do what they claim and there are tons to choose from

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  • K Roycroft | 08/07/2011

    This chocolate mud masque is a really tasty treat for your skin!

    I washed my face and then went about applying the masque. The packaging opened easily which I was surprised at as I usually hate these plastic pouches and fumble around with the "easy open" tear strip for ages. You squeeze the pouch and the contents come out of the corner through the small tear, and it's simple to control how much product you want to come out of the packet.

    The masque itself is very thin and smooth, making it extremely easy to spread onto my face. The liquid stayed in place well and didn't make a mess or drip anywhere when I was putting it on. The masque is chocolate based, and as such has a rich, creamy, milky brown appearance. It also smells strongly of chocolate mousse, which is a lovely part of the experience of using the masque. The scent stayed with me until I washed the masque away.

    This should be left on for 10-15 minutes to allow it to really get to work on your skin. I left it on for the full 15 minutes and by this time most of the masque had become dry and there were slight cracks and ridges forming in the surface. The areas covering my cheeks were still moist and I think this may be because the layer of masque was slightly thicker there.

    Afterwards my skin felt instantly smooth and very hydrated. I noticed that my skin was softer and a little more plumped than before. The mask is very moisturising my skin really did feel the benefit. It also made my feel skin seem a bit tighter and more toned, my face was very taut for several hours after using and I think this is how it helps make you look younger.

    I finished off the cleansing routine by using a toner and moisturiser, and my skin felt absolutely fabulous the next day, really smooth and clear. A few days later and my complexion is looking great, all my blemishes have disappeared and my skin is feeling exceptionally healthy. I am really pleased with the result of using this masque and if this is what it's like after only one use, I will most certainly be incorporating this into my cleansing routine on a regular basis, and will follow the suggestion of using a weekly masque.

    The only slight issue I have with the masque is that the amount in each pouch is far more than you need to cover your face with one application. There are several options for how to use up the remaining leftovers, and it depends on the circumstance as to which would work best for you:
    - Extend the area you are applying the masque to and include your neck. The masque should fully cover your entire face and neck from the contents of one pouch.
    - Alternatively, use the leftovers on your hands or feet for an extra moisturising boost.
    - Cover the pouch in cling film and put it in the fridge, as long as it is not overly exposed to air or heat this should extend the lifespan of the product and you could manage to get another application for your face the following week.

    I have really enjoyed using this face mask and noticed positive results afterwards. I'll definitely be treating myself to a face mask more often and wouldn't hesitate to buy another face mask by Montagne Jeunesse, I look forward to trying other products in their range.

    Montagne Jeunesse are against animal testing, and have been approved by BUAV and the Vegetarian Society. Keep your beauty cruelty free!

    This masque does everything it promises and left my skin feeling great - a wonder product!

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